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Apple Planning Secret iOS Developer Summit

Apple is said to be planning a top secret summit exclusive to iOS developers next week.

The conference is to be held in order to highlight ways to improve the overall performance of iOS apps for the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone.

According to Business Insider, an industry source has revealed that the company will be holding a secret conference next week in California. The event will begin on Tuesday and will continue for a period of three days.

It is not clear what Apple is planning to tell the developers, but one-on-one talks with Apple engineers and hands-on development help could be on the cards.

The timing of the developer conference is impeccable, with Apple preparing to launch the first major iOS update for the iPad device.

Apple probably wants to give the developers more attention, as Google's army of Android devices and developers threaten Apple's position in the market.

The iOS 4.2 update is key not only to the iPad but also the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The company wants to ensure that new and exciting apps are available when it launches, in order to keep the users hooked to its devices.