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Apple Reportedly Developing Integrated iPhone SIM

Apple is reportedly working on a new SIM card exclusive to its iPhone in Europe which could allow customers to buy the phone from Apple and activate it with any carrier they choose.

Citing sources within European wireless carriers, Giga OM claims that the SIM card is being jointly developed by Apple and SIM card maker Gemalto.

The card, which will come integrated within the iPhone, will come with subscriber information for the carriers.

Customers will be able to chose the carrier they want after they purchase the device from an Apple web site or a retail outlet. The phones will be able to activated with a download from the App Store.

The move will reduce carrier involvement in the iPhone purchase.

According to Giga OM, the Apple SIM card will have two components, one flash and one ROM area.

The ROM area will contain the IT and network security data that will be provided by Gemalto while the flash component will be for wireless carriers, who will send their own data to the phone from a local connection. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.