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Business printing on the go

Modern business dictates that you need to work where you want, when you want. And with the latest generation of mobile devices, you can.

Reading email, writing texts, surfing the web – you can do them all from a netbook, smartphone or handheld device. So why tie yourself to one place when you want to print?

A number of new technologies allow you to turn your digital docs into hard copy with little or no hassle, whether in work or out – and whatever time of day you need them.

These days, the short-range wireless networking technology Bluetooth is built into many printers and multifunction products – you can use it to connect your PDA or smartphone directly to a printing device to output smaller documents such as emails and letters.

If you’re within range of a wifi hotspot, or you can connect to the internet using 3G, you can use Internet Printing Protocol to send documents to an internet-connected printer, even managing page layout and other settings remotely.

BlackBerry users can take advantage of remote printing services such as HP’s ePrint to securely send Word and Excel files, HTML pages, PDFs and other documents to printers on their company network, or output them at a string of ePrint shops in selected hotels and airports.

For those who want to be truly self-sufficient, why not investigate a number of compact, mobile printers aimed specifically at those who need high-quality output on the go.

Wherever you are, you’re never far from a mobile printing solution.

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