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Fibrecity 100Mbps Broadband Project Stalled

The Fibrecity 100 Mbps broadband project aimed at bringing super-fast broadband to Bournemouth and Dundee via the sewer network as been stalled.

According to The Courier, Fujitsu, the company which had been contracted to deploy the network, has fired 52 people from its staff. The news daily also claimed that the Fibrecity office in Dundee had been closed down.

i3 Group, the company behind the Fibrecity project, said that it was still committed to roll-out the network in Dundee.

However, a company spokesperson said in a statement that “work on the project has been delayed slightly while the group's UK operation is restructured to bring it in line with the company's overseas subsidiaries. We expect this to take up to four weeks.”

The company claims that the restructuring will make the operation even more efficient and give it a more stronger position.

The project had ran into trouble some time back after Wessex Waters denied the i3 group from using its sewer network to lay the wires. Instead, the company had to settle for digging up pavements and roads.