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Intel Spearheads Open Data Centre Alliance Launch

Intel and several other major global companies have formed the Open Data Centre Alliance, aimed that developing unified standards to aid the industry wide roll-out of cloud-based technology.

The 70 global giants, which include companies like BMW, Shell, Marriott Hotels, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin and UBS, aim at providing assistance and means to businesses in order to deal with the explosive demand of online services and applications via cloud.

The Open Cloud Alliance has presented its Cloud 2015 road-map under which, an open cloud format will be created which will come with common standards for hardware and software makers. The alliance will also ensure that the devices accessing the platform will be interoperable.

Marvin Wheeler, the chairman of the alliance, said in a statement to BBC: “The demands on the IT organisations are coming at such an alarming rate that there are many, many different solutions being developed today that maybe don't work with each other.”

The companies involved in the alliance have a total IT spending budget of $50 billion. However, it is strange to note that none of the companies that are actually the pioneer of the cloud technology, like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Rackspace, are part of the alliance.