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Kinect To Best Playstation Move This Christmas?

A survey carried out by market research firm Ipsos showed that the Microsoft Kinect is likely to be the most in-demand gaming hardware for Christmas 2010, ahead of archrival Sony with its Playstation Move.

Funnily enough, while some news websites say that it was a survey for the UK market, we could only find the US-version on the Ipsos website which showed that 13 per cent of those who answered intend to buy a Kinect compared to only 11 per cent for the Playstation Move.

Other than the fact that the results were fairly close and therefore prone to statistical errors, Ipsos says that the Kinect was perceived to have more uniqueness and believability.

However, the report also points to one of Microsoft's key weaknesses, that the company needs to get the right message through and rely on the Kinect's simplicity of use.

Of course, whether the $500 million advertising budget of the Kinect helped in raising the awareness about the product, is a futile question.

The Kinect will be launched in the UK on the 10th of November and carries a suggested retail price of £129.99. Follow our coverage of the Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, here.