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Motorola To Devise Google Nexus Two Smartphone?

Apart from Samsung, Motorola appears to be the one likely to build the successor to the Nexus One, the Nexus Two, nearly a year after the launch of the latter.

Motorola will be spinning off its Mobility arm next year and Sanjay Jha, its CEO, will need something big to mark the beginning of a new era, hence the Nexus Two.

Android and Me reported more than two weeks ago that both Motorola and Nvidia are working on a superphone, codenamed Terminator or T2, one which according to the author of the report, would make current Android phones look like toys.

Both aforementioned companies have confirmed that they are working on something although they declined revealing more details.

But what we know is that Nvidia has the Tegra 2, a dual core ARM Cortex 9 application processor with one of the best graphics performances on the market.

We also know that Google is very keen on cracking open the mobile gaming market and the recent outing of the Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone might be a serious indication of its ambitions.

Motorola is equally keen on spreading the gospel of Terminator as fast as possible to as many mobile phone operators as possible given how successful the Samsung Galaxy S has been.