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Mozilla Firefox 4 Delayed Until 2011

Mozilla has announced that its highly anticipated Firefox 4 web browser has been delayed.

The company said that the new browser will now not be launched until early next year.

According to post made on the e-mail list, Mike Beltzner, the director of Firefox said that, owing to some delays in the 'feature complete' Beta 7 version milestone, the release candidate and final release schedules for the browser had been revised.

“Completing this work is taking longer than initial estimates indicated as we track down regressions and sources of instability. As part of our commitment to beta users, we will not ship software before it is ready,” he wrote.

The company plans on releasing beta candidates until the end of December. The first release candidate for Firefox 4 will be released early next year with the final release date following soon.

The delays in launching Firefox versions have caused its market share to stagnate and with rival web browser Google Chrome rising at an incredible speed, it will surely make a dent on its user base.