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Ofcom Advises 900MHz Spectrum Be Made Available On 3G

UK telecom regulator Ofcom has asked the government to make the 2G radio spectrum available on the mobile broadband 3G network as fast as it can.

According to ISP Review, Ofcom advised the UK government after conducting a detailed analysis of the impact on the consumers and the market if the 900MHz and 1800MHz radio spectrum is opened.

The study found that opening up the 2G radio spectrum for 3G was most likely to benefit the consumers and have an immaterial impact on the competition, provided that the existing 3G licensees are provided the 2G spectrum without additional conditions.

The regulator said in a statement: “Since our consultation, demand for mobile broadband services in general, and for use of the 900MHz band to deliver 3G services more specifically, has become clearer. However, our view of the likelihood and size of a competitive distortion arising has, significantly, reduced."

Ofcom believes that the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, that created Everything Everywhere, will balance all the technical advantages Vodafone and O2 will get from the 2G spectrum, thereby reducing competition distortion.