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Opera web browser arrives on Nokia handsets

Popular mobile phone web browsing company Opera has released its latest Symbian product, in the form of Mini 5.1 for Nokia devices.

The new mobile internet surfing tool is solely for the Symbian S60 platform and has been written with that OS in mind, where in the past Nokia users were subjected to a Java version of the browser instead of one coded specifically for that platform.

This version of Opera has all the features of the regular Mini version of the software, as see on their other products with tabbed browsing, quick access to favourite websites and the familiar Opera interface.

There are also improvements from the Java version, which surround the areas of faster start up times, quicker page loading, webpage scrolling performance, a better range of text input methods, cut and paste, along with a default access point.

The new version also brings in better integration with other applications on the Nokia handset, with email clients and other software now being accessible by the browser.

The beta version of Opera Mini 5.1 optimised for the Symbian S60 OS is available from

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