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Pentax mud-slinging contest starts

Pentax Imaging has launched Pentax Optio W90 Mudfight Challenge on FaceBook. Centered around the company’s eponymous waterproof point-and-shoot digital camera, the Mudfight Challenge App challenges Facebookers around the globe to test their skills at a brand new sport – virtual mud throwing.

Prospective participants can visit: and muck it up with Facebook friends, family, or those pesky frenemies. Facebookers who play may become eligible to win a $400American Express gift card. *Participation is limited to current Facebook members. Sign-up is free at

Mudfight Challenge rules and method of play are relatively simple. Once loaded, the App randomly helps players select five Facebook friends. Users than access a computer mouse to target the crosshair aim as friends pop up randomly. Every hit drives up the score and helps the player ascend to higher levels of play while top scores are recorded on a leaderboard. Facebookers are entered into the sweepstakes each time they play (Up to 50 times per day.)

Covered in questionable substances from the start, the Pentax Optio W90 mud obsession originated to communicate the adventure-proof features of the camera. The App is one of several consumer marketing initiatives Pentax Imaging is employing to promote its adventurous camera in the midst of a global media shift from traditional to digital and social.

Pentax Imaging launched about one year ago with more than 20,000 facebookers so far indicating they “like” the site on the home page.

“There is no longer one right way to engage consumers,” says Pentax Imaging Company president Ned Bunnell. The campaign, "uses a combination of interactive and social media components to help us build stronger relationships with more customers.”

Along with Mudfight, Pentax also recently unveiled “The Most Adventurous Friend You Know” campaign for the Optio W90 that includes home page animated flash enhancements to to communicate the features of the Optio W90 and other Pentax digital cameras, as well as targeted online integrated, taunting rich media banner ads that feature the Optio W90 as “The Most Adventurous Friend You Know” and encouraging viewers to create an adventure of their own and step outside their comfort zone.

The companies are also leveraging a variety of social media advertisements and a targeted pay-per-click campaign, and entertaining product videos have been posted on to demonstrate product features and applications.