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Pizza Express To Install iPod Docks In Restaurants

Pizza Express is experimenting with sound-proof domes and personal iPod docks on tables in an attempt to enhance the customer experience at its outlets.

The personal iPods installed on each table will allow the users to select their own music, lighting and even order extra toppings. The domes have been put in place to allow the users to block outside noises and have a private conversations.

The dome will also make sure that the music being played on each table doesn't disturb anyone else, tech news site CNET explains.

The first of this kind of Pizza Express outlet will be established in Richmond and will be open to customer feedback of the whole experience. The outlet has been designed by Professor Sergio Luzzi and architect Ab Rogers.

The booths will also be equipped with a special light that can be used as a signal for the bill, to place the order or asked to be left alone for a while.