Russia Developing Windows Alternative

The Russian government is planning to develop an alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating system in an attempt to reduce its dependence on the US-based technology giant.

According to the AFP, the Russian government has plans to invest 150 million rubles, or $4.3 million, on developing a national operating system based on the Linux platform.

Russian deputy Ilia Ponomarev said in a statement to the AFP: “The devil is in the details. We will become independent of Windows ... but it risks becoming an unthinking implantation of Linux.”

Ponomarev also said that the details and the plan of action for the development of the operating system will be charted during a meeting headed by Russia's vice-prime minister Sergei Ivanov in December.

The main reason being cited by the Russian lawmakers for developing the OS is national security. The government wants a system which it can easily monitor and ensure all the necessary security mechanisms are in place.