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Russian Police Launch Case Against Top Spammer

Russian police officials have filed their first criminal case against a top spammer, whose network was responsible for a massive number of spam e-mails advertising fake medicines.

According to the Russian daily newspaper Kommersant, police officials in Moscow raided the house of one Igor Gusev, who has been accused of running a massive spam network that has made more than a $120 million in the past three and a half years selling fake medicines on the internet.

However, Gusev's lawyer has said his client is innocent and has no relations to these activities. He also said that Igor Gusev was currently not in the country.

The police officials claim that Gusev was the general director of Despmedia, which was a partner to which made the $120 million. He has been accused of running a business without registration using Glavmed as his base.

Gusev is also said to be behind the now defunct that paid spammers money for promoting fake medicine. Spam experts claim that following the closure of the spam website, the total volume of the spam messages globally, everyday, has dropped by 50 billion. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.