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Virgin Media Brings Supercar Cabs To Promote 100Mbps Internet

Virgin Media is celebrating the launch of its new 100Mbps super fast internet by allowing Londoners to jump into the fast lane today thanks to a fleet of supercar cabs.

The fleet will include a Porsche 997 Turbo Gen 1, Ferrari 430 F1 Coupe and Aston Martin DBS, all of which are painted in black and will come with the iconic yellow taxi light on their roofs.

The general public will be allowed to hail them for free between 10am and 4pm to be driven in Central London only.

It is not known who will be driving these Ultrafast Taxis as insurance on these beasts must surely be sky high.

Furthermore, given that they are all two door, two seater models, we're afraid only one passenger will be allowed a time.

Virgin Media announced its new superfast, 100Mbps broadband service yesterday and has already started calling customers to register their interest for the service.

The 100Mbps broadband package will cost at most £45 per month when purchased on its own and as little as £38 when purchased with a phone line.