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What Are IT Recruiters Looking Out For?

IT recruiters’ requirements often differ substantially from the traditional run-of-the-mill recruiting checklist, not least because the IT industry changes so quickly and because a CV very often doesn't paint the full picture of the candidate.

A report published in July by the Higher Education Statistics Agency highlighted the plight of Computer Science students with nearly one in every five graduates not being able to find a job six months after leaving university, the highest of all subjects.

A survey carried out by IT recruitment website amongst 1,300 IT professionals showed that more than half consider unpaid work experience to be the best way "for increasing a graduate’s chance of finding work".

Rather than a cynical ploy to get cheap or free labour, the real reason for getting someone on a one month trial may instead be to test his or her abilities within a work environment before formally joining the company.

Getting work experience also allows graduates to improve their networking skills offline by mingling with like-minded people; indeed, nearly half of those surveyed say that it is important for the current generation of graduates to join industry bodies.

Being an all rounder also helps; apart from a comprehensive knowledge of your area of expertise, being passionate about your work, something that a CV doesn't often convey adequately, is also paramount.

Arguably, to really stand out of the crowd is a challenge in itself and there are plenty of examples of how this can be achieved; from a zombie-themed CV (courtesy of Tugrul peker) to Michael Anderson's famous Infographics resumé, the stunt by a 23-year old "plinther" in Trafalgar Square last year and the first augmented reality CV by one of the guys behind Symbian (the most popular mobile OS in the world), David Wood.

CWJobs is also giving two IT jobseekers the opportunity to get their own augmented reality CVs, produced by a crack team of designers, animators, video editors and developers. In addition, they will receive £500 worth of Amazon vouchers and their AR CV will be distributed to more than 2,500 IT recruiters. More about that here.