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White iPhone 4 disappears from Apple Store

Just hours after Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 had been further delayed, the sought-after handset has disappeared from on-line Apple stores all over the world.

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive with even spookily-accurate tech sites like The Boy Genius Report suggesting that Apple has permanently axed the project.

Until today, the White iPhone 4 was simply shown as out of stock in all of the countries in which it was supposed to be sold, but the model has now been removed from main iPhone buying page, despite still being visible on some ancillary pages, like the one flogging bumper cases.

BGR quotes a previous source as saying that Apple would announce another delay in March, pushing the ETA back to mid summer, but that in reality the Cupertino company has no plans to release the white version.

There may be some truth in the rumour as the longer the delays rumble on, the closer any launch will become to the launch of the iPhone 5, which, given most people were lumbered with two-year contracts for their iPhone 4s, is likely to be announced towards the tail end of 2011.