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89,000 Microsoft staff to get free WP7 phones

Microsoft has already given 1,000 Windows Phone 7 handsets to the everyone who attended the company's Professional Developers Conference, but it has now promised to hand over a brand new smart phone to very one of its 89,000 employees.

Obviouly horrified by the prospect of seeing Microsofties roaming around Redmond using iPhones and CrackBerrys, the outfit's Guy Gilbert has said, "Every Microsoft employee will be getting a Windows Phone 7 phone," according to Network World.

Microsoft has always had a nightmare breaking into the mobile OS market, and that was before Android and iOS4 arrived on the scene to change the game for good.

However good Windows Phone 7 turns out to be - and there's every indication that it will be the best effort yet from the software monopolist - the company has a massive hill to climb, coming so late to the app phone party.

Previous incarnations of the Windows Mobile OS were so riddled with problems that Microsoft has openly admitted that some of its employees use outside alternatives.

And there's no doubt that adding a nice round 90,000 to the first month's 'sales' figures will give the platform a healthy boost, in much the same way counts every pre-installation of Windows as a sale, whether people intend to use it or not.