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Adobe shows off prototype HTML5 tool

Adobe has posted a demonstration video of a prototype tool for creating HTML5 animations.

Currently called Edge, although this is likely to change as Adobe's on-line newsletter is also called Adobe Edge, the very early version on show in the five-minute video uses a WYSIWYG timeline interface to create storyboarded animations built on HTML5 code.

The tool is in its very early stages and has extremely limited functionality at the moment, but this could be the first stage in moving Adobe away from its proprietary Flash animation platform, and into the new web standard currently being rolled out.

The tool is built on Webkit, the foundation of Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari browsers, which could be seen as an indication that Adobe has taken more notice of Apple's refusal to play the Flash game on any of its popular iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad, than it might be willing to publicly admit.