Galaxy releases 1000MHz-clocked card

Ever clever with new names for souped-up graphics cards, Galaxy has launched a "Hall of Fame Edition" Geforce GTS 450 that introduces a rather high overclock to the GPU.

The Geforce GTS 450 HOF runs at a blistering 1GHz clock (CUDA cores at twice that) which at any rate is 27 per cent faster than the reference design. The memory included is also higher-specced, replacing the reference 3600MHz GDDR5 with one gigabyte of Samsung's 0.4ns (4100MHz) modules.

To keep this all cool, Galaxy has come up with a four-heatpipe + dual PWM fan design for the VGA cooler. The card's format is the usual dual-slot design and provides dual DVI-I plus HDMI.

The reference GTS 450 is a card that provides playability in games at about 1920x1200 maximum (you can go higher, if you like slideshows). The extra 27 per cent core clock should help take above the golden 30FPS with 8x MSAA on most modern game engines... just shy of a real GTX 460.

We understand this is the highest-clocked out-of-the-box card based on the GF106 right now, so there it holds a lot of potential if the price is right. KFA2, the UK-based subsidiary of Galaxy, should also start flaunting its goods soon so we should be able to talk pricing very soon.