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Google Updates Gmail For iPhone

Google has updated its website for Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone devices, enhancing the Gmail experience for iOS users.

The tweaked website features a faster in-box scroll, allowing users to zip through the in-box smoothly and easily. The company said that the speed of the scroll is equal to the speed at which users swipe on the screen.

The updates don't apply to the iPad version of Gmail, which comes in an HTML 5 capable avatar.

The search giant has also updated the toolbar. Previously, when Google had last updated the website, it had updated the toolbar to move with the screen as the users scrolled up and down the in-box. However, the toolbar has now been fixed at the top of the screen for easy accessibility.

Google has made the improvements to for the iPhone from the many suggestions it has received from users over time. The company said that more suggestions are welcome in order to enhance Gmail on the iPhone.