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GTX 580 benchmarks and specs out and about

This morning, a couple of chinese sites published photos of a would-be GTX 580 card in a non-descript very common-looking shroud.

Honestly, it could be anything under the shroud, even an ATI chip. However, has come forward and added a bit more meat to the soup by posting benchmarks of the GTX 580 in 3D Mark Vantage

Now, according to the specifications and 3DMark Vantage numbers, this seems to be more or less the case. The GTX 580 pictured on is churning our 17 per cent more performance than the GTX 480... and then some.

According to data available on the site, the GTX 580 will have 512 CUDA cores, indeed, a core clock of 772MHz, shader clock of 1554 (the usual 2x core) and memory data rates of 4Gb/s. with 3x128-bit memory buses linked to 1536MB of GDDR5.

In the 3DMark Vantage shots that are posted, you can see the GTX 580 at 772MHz outmatch a GTX480 at 925 by X13257 to X12905. Clock for clock it seems like the GTX 580 has a substantial advantage over its predecessor.

Earlier rumours of the impending GTX 580 had guesstimated performance on this card to be close to 20 per cent higher than its predecessor, the GTX 480. If the data on proves to be true, then when AMD's Cayman is launched it will see its performance crown quickly taken back by Nvidia.

This will be a wild holiday season indeed.