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Microsoft Releases Sixth IE9 Platform Preview

Microsoft has released the sixth platform preview of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 web browser, claiming that the work on the release candidate for the browser is almost finished.

In a post on the IEBlog, the company said that the latest preview version will be the last and that the next version to be rolled out would be the release candidate.

Microsoft added that the browser had been downloaded 10 million times since it was released six weeks ago and that people continue to do so because of the many new features that come with the browser, such as pinning websites to the taskbar, HTML 5 capabilities and hardware acceleration.

“With the sixth Platform Preview, developers, designers, and partners are in a great position to prepare their sites for the IE9 Release Candidate that will follow Platform Preview 6 and precede the final IE9 product,” the company said.

Since the first beta of the web browser was launched, the company has made a number of enhancements to the performance of the web browser, like improved performance, quality, and support for HTML5.