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Microsoft Staff To Receive Windows Phone 7 Devices

Microsoft is planning to give a Windows Phone 7 device to all of it's 89,000 employees for free.

According to Network World, Guy Gilbert, a top Windows Phone executive at Microsoft, said that the company plans to issue 89,000 Windows Phone 7-based devices to its employees, although he did not confirm whether the company will cover the data plans as well.

Gilbert announced the software giant's plans in an interview at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference.

The executive also acknowledge the fact previous Windows Phone-based devices had some major problems with them that restricted Microsoft from capturing a strong share of the smartphone market.

During the interview with NetworkWorld's Jon Brodkin, when asked if every Microsoft employee used a phone, he said: “I wouldn't go so far as to say that. But a lot of people use Windows phones, prior or current. Everybody's very excited about the fact that they're going to get a Windows Phone 7.”