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Microsoft's Ballmer Pushes Azure, HTML 5 And Windows Phone 7 At PDC

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has pushed Windows Azure, HTML 5, and Windows Phone 7 as developer platforms during the company's Professional Developers Conference.

Ballmer highlighted the many opportunities developers have in the current market scenario with Microsoft products, be it with the Xbox, Windows 7 or Windows Phone 7 platforms, as well as Office 365 and even its Bing search engine.

He said that HTML 5 was the key to developing for these platforms.

The CEO announced that 350 million PCs were sold last year and that Microsoft had activated 240 million Windows licenses, emphasising the vast market the developers have to produce products for.

He also hinted that tablets and netbooks featuring Windows 7 platform were likely to hit the market this holiday season and throughout all next year.

Ballmer pushed the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 web browser, that has already been downloaded 10 million times so far, as the thing that will integrate the PC with the web, with its great graphics and interactivity, tech news site PC Mag reports.