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MiniRollable Bluetooth keyboard is iPhone boon

I've had a CoolMac Flexible Waterproof USB Keyboard for years. It's light, compact, waterproof, relatively indestructible, and a lot more convenient to pack around in a laptop bag or backpack than a regular freestanding hard keyboard. Its soft silicon housing material is gentle on other contents, and you can just roll it up or stuff it in flat without any worry about scratches or abrasion.

The CoolMac 'board is even surprisingly comfortable to type on. It's slow, requiring positive pressure on the centre of the silicon keyswitch membrane, but the action is dead silent with a very short "travel" and the soft, rubbery silicon key caps are easy on the ends of your typing fingers. In some respects, it's just a groomed for appearance conventional membrane keyboard without the hard case and key caps.

The MiniRollable Bluetooth Keyboard, newly available from EFO, is a contemporary take on the roll-up keyboard concept that supports not only Windows and Mac OS PCs, but also tablet and handheld mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Like my old CoolMac keyboard (which to the best of my awareness is no longer being manufactured) the MiniRollable keyboard is made of a high quality silicon material and is strong, flexible, silent and virtually indestructible from wear and tear in service.

It is also compactly storable and portable so users can take it anywhere, water resistant and dustproof so it can be cleaned easily, and its flat design also offers easy, comfortable typing that minimises stress on your wrists.

It supports any keyboard-ready Bluetooth-enabled PC or Mac as well as the iPad and most flavours of mobile device.

Aside from being a handy, uber-portable and packable external keyboard for your laptop, tablet, or mobile, the MiniRollable Bluetooth Keyboard is ideally-suited for use by sticky-fingered young children, in laboratory or medical environments where moisture resistance. easy cleaning, and disinfectability could be priorities, with kiosk computers, in food service locations, and at industrial workstations where dirt and moisture are present.

• 85keys and 11 hot keys (Full Fn and Media keys)
• Silicon surface, concave keycaps, ergonomics and stylish design
• Waterproof surface
• Can be rolled up
• Silent typing, voice communication and convenient to carry
• Power On/Off button
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Wireless Bluetooth transferWorks in iPad / iPad 3G / iPhone 4 / NokiaSymbian
• Compatible with Windows Mobile, Window 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS
X v.10.1.10 or above

256 X 92 X 16mm (approx.)
Weight: 96g

Hot Keys
• Dim Monitor, Brighten Monitor, Expose,Bashboard, Back, Play/Pause, Forward, Mute, Vol-, Vol+, Pop-UpCD

The Mini Rollable Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone sells for : £21.51/US$34

Here it is in action: