MPs Accuse Google Of Deliberate Wi-Fi Data Capture

UK MPs have accused Google of deliberately stealing sensitive user information when collecting information for its Street View mapping service.

When the controversy first broke with Google's confession, privacy authorities the world over had launched investigations into the Street View service and the data it had collected.

The company has apologised for the incident and maintains that whatever happened was an accident owing to some inadvertently added software code that got added to the Street View system.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon has raised doubts over Google's explanation, saying that there could be more sinister to it.

He said in a statement to BBC News: “I find it hard to believe that a company with the creative genius and originality of Google could map the personal wi-fi details, computer passwords and e-mail addresses of millions of people across the world and not know what it was doing.”

Recently, the company announced that it could be possible that some passwords and whole URLs were accessed by users when Street View cars passed had also been collected. This revelation has prompted the UK's Information Commissioners Office to launch a fresh investigation into the matter.