Police To Get Lessons On Facebook

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) is planning to overhaul its training modules to include sessions on how to use social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to catch killers.

The agency is planning to make significant changes in its training regime to incorporate important factors of the fast evolving online world.

Some of the updates to the training include lessons on how to track down suspected murderers on social networking platforms and how to gather necessary information from computers, mobile phones and other devices.

Police detectives will also get lessons on how to recognise post traumatic stress disorder in victims and eye witnesses, investigate honor based killings and how to tackle rape.

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Gargan, the head of the NPIA, said in a statement: “These improvements are exactly what detectives need to tackle the challenges and complexities of modern policing effectively. This programme is a vital part of the career pathway for detectives and the new training covers sensitive areas of policing where limited guidance existed previously.”