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Samsung Nexus Two Spotted - Kind Of

The existence of the Nexus Two has apparently been confirmed by a friend of a writer at Gizmodo, the website which handled a lost/stolen iPhone 4 prototype a few months ago.

The source told Matt Buchanan that the Nexus Two is "so different" from the Nexus One. It is apparently black and shiny build with glossy plastic while the Nexus one was matt grey.

It is rather curvy, just like its predecessor but appears to be tapered towards the bottom, which makes it feel thinner than the popular Samsung Galaxy S.

The source however didn't say whether the phone was clearly labelled Nexus Two but from the rest of the description (like the presence of a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen) leads us to believe that the Nexus Two might just be a straight refresh of the Galaxy S.

After all, why should Samsung change a winning formula. There's a front facing camera though, something that Google is keen to work on given that Apple already has Facetime leading the pack of mobile video-conferencing services.

But ultimately, the biggest changes might have been done under the hood with the inclusion of a faster processor and hopefully some RFID magic. For our other hopes and expectations about the Google Nexus Two, check here.