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Adobe Showcases Prototype Flash To HTML 5 Conversion Tool

Adobe has showcased a new Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool for developers, in an attempt to combat Apple's no-Flash ruling on its devices.

The tool was demoed during the Adobe MAX conference by Adobe engineer Rik Cabanier as a sneak peak. Adobe has not confirmed that it will release a tool like this in the near future, but it could still be a possibility.

Adobe has released several products in the past couple of months that have some link to HTML 5.

The conversion tool is designed to aid developers, who will not have to develop to different versions of the same application to work on Flash and HTML 5. According to the demo, the tool converts Flash animation to HTML 5.

Adobe has been at the receiving end of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' rants for the past couple of months. The CEO has called Flash a buggy, CPU hogging application.

Adobe engineer John Nack wrote on his blog: “Flash is great for a lot of things, and this week’s demos showed it’s only improving. It’s not the only game in town, however, and Adobe makes its money selling tools, not giving away players.”