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Kinect Will Be Bestseller For Christmas Says Microsoft

Microsoft is all revved up ahead of the launch of Kinect in a fortnight after the initial batch of Kinect motion controllers has been sold out across the UK.

The general manager for the Xbox for UK and Ireland, Neil Thompson, told MCV that there will be a healthy launch volume from week one with hundreds of thousands of devices being sold by year end.

He acknowledged that Microsoft won't be able to meet the demand of every single retailer in the UK on day one but hopes that the situation will improve after a few days.

As it stands, both, Asda, Tesco and, have stopped taking preorders. Game and Blockbuster are the only ones that are still taking preorders.

It's worth pointing out that Viking Direct, the UK branch of Office Depot, sells the Kinect for as little as £104.99 exc VAT. The Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, has been tipped to be one of the most sought after gifts for this coming Christmas and is likely to cause a surge in orders of the new Xbox 360 slim in December as well.