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Microsoft Kinect Selling For More Than £200 On Ebay

A surge in demand for the Microsoft Kinect motion controller has forced its price to up to £230 on Ebay and Amazon, a massive premium given that its suggested selling price is £130.

Microsoft has assured prospective buyers that it will make its best to provide retailers with enough stock to meet demand within the first week of launch.

There are currently two entries on Ebay from power sellers listing the Kinect for £230 and £190 respectively while Amazon sellers are selling the Kinect for as little as £202 with some charging as much as £300.

There are fears that Microsoft won't be able to sustain demand for the Kinect because most of the retailers have stopped taking preorders of the Xbox 360 peripheral which means tha they're not confident that they will get stock on time.

That said, Argos is offering the Kinect sensor either with Kinect Sports or Dance Central for £164.98, a deal that includes free delivery and Kinect Adventures.