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Mozilla Releases Rainbow Add-on For Firefox

Mozilla Labs has released an early developer edition Firefox add-on designed to enable audio and video recording on the web browser.

According to the company the Rainbox Firefox add-on will allow web developers to access local audio and video recording functionality by using a few lines of JavaScript code.

Mozilla Labs explained that the add-on generates files that have been encoded as an open format in an Ogg container. The video files are called Theora, while the audio files are Vorbis.

Some of the features that Mozilla plans to integrate with the browser are support for Windows and Linux, live streaming of video feeds, the deployment of a permissions mechanism and to provide support for VP8 video encoding as an alternative to Ogg/Theora.

“This pre-alpha version of the add-on only works with the Firefox nightly builds on a Mac. We’re working hard to extend support to Windows, Linux and 64 bit platforms as soon as possible (there are currently no plans to support earlier versions of Firefox),” the Mozilla Labs team said.