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Samsung GT-i9010 Nexus Two Pops Up On FCC Website?

The outline diagram of a new Samsung smartphone, known as the GT-i9010, has appeared on the FCC website and is very likely to be the next Nexus Two which should be released on the 8th of November.

Android and Me points out to the diagram and we could not help but notice similarities between the phone's design and the back of the current Samsung Galaxy S, which is the GT-i9000, indicating that the Nexus Two could be a straight upgrade for the Galaxy S.

It has already received approval from the Wi-Fi alliance and the FCC filing was made on the 28th of October.

In addition, an anonymous tipster told Android And me that he has the phone and that it sports much better hardware that the Galaxy S, complete with a 1.2GHz processor and a sexier design compared to the Galaxy S.

Expect a barrage of rumours and leaks to emerge over the next 11 days and we'll be sure to report everyone of them.