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Scientists Looking To Turn People Into Wireless Hubs

Scientists at the Queen’s Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology are working on a new project that aims to turn people into mobile phone base stations.

The study, which is based on the science of body-centric communications technology, involves the development of advanced sensors that can be worn by individuals. The sensors will be able to turn the human body into a ultra-high bandwidth mobile internet hub.

The scientists believe that the technology will have a great social impact on individuals, allowing for enhanced mobile gaming, health monitoring and real-time training for sports teams.

The researchers are delving into the implications of linking the sensors on each person's body to create vast mobile networks.

Simon Cotton, a scientist involved in the research, said in a statement to The Hindu: “The availability of body-to-body networks could bring great social benefits, including significant healthcare improvements through the use of body-worn sensors for the widespread, routine monitoring and treatment of illness away from medical centres.”