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SAP Seeking To Shorten Oracle IP Trial

SAP has confessed that it knew that its subsidiary TomorrowNow had been stealing Oracle's intellectual property, and may have even aided it in doing it in doing so.

The company is hoping to reduce the length of the trial by conceding its involvement in the intellectual property theft.

Oracle had filed a lawsuit against SAP and its now defunct subsidiary for knowingly using Oracle's software and documentation without prior permission.

SAP's lawyers have also complained to the court that Oracle is turning the lawsuit into a "sideshow" and a "media circus".

The company had earlier asked for a gag order to limit the media coverage of the trial.

SAP is attempting to narrow the focus of the trial whereas Oracle has plans to implicate all the former and current SAP executive that are even remotely linked to the lawsuit.

Following SAP's confession, Oracle spokesperson Deborah Hellinger said in a statement: “SAP management has insisted for 3 1/2 years of litigation that it knew nothing about SAP's own massive theft of Oracle's intellectual property. Today, SAP has finally confessed it knew about the theft all along.”