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Acer unveils new Liquid Android mobile

Taiwanese computer company Acer has announced their latest budget Android handset, the Liquid Metal.

The 3.6-inch multi-touch display mobile builds on from their other Google mobile OS driven Liquid phones, only with a higher-powered Qualcomm 7230 800MHz chipset than seen in previous models.

The Liquid Metal phone is the first Acer handset to arrive running Android ‘Froyo' 2.2, which features flash support, WIFI tethering and provides HD video recording from the accompanying 5 megapixel camera.

Acer's Liquid Metal has its namesake running throughout the phone as the main theme, from the stainless steel battery cover, to the chrome trims found around the chassis.

This handset is the first in the Liquid series to also boast 802.11n, making the phone 10 times faster at downloading over WIFI that past mobiles where it's the first to ship with HSDPA 14.4Mbps - twice the web surfing speeds than previous Liquid handsets.

Acer has brought in a new UI to the Metal known as Breeze, which is said to manage the mobiles' applications much more easily than beforehand where there's a new social networking app called SocialJogger that aggregates feeds to the home screen.

The Acer Liquid Metal arrives in two colours, with the brown model arriving mid-November and the silver version tips up early December - both have the retail value of £229.

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