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Android Full Of Security Flaws, Study Finds

A security study of Google's Android operating system has revealed a number of programming flaws.

The Financial Times reports that the study, conducted by code analysts Coverity, revealed the OS contains 88 'high risk' flaws that could lead to data loss, system crashes and security vulnerabilities.

The company found the programming errors in the Android kernal that shipped with Motorola's Droid Incredible smartphone. Coverity expects that other Android devices could also carry flaws.

Coverity suggested that that Google will issue a critical security issue as soon as possible, so ling as it believes the security flaws are serious enough to cause damage.

RIM and Apple have also issued critical security patches for similar flaws in their own operating systems in the past.

Andy Chou, Coverity’s co-founder, said in a statement that he is contemplating releasing the results of the study in about two months time.

“We want them to fix the problems. We are trying to follow the model for responsible disclosure,” he said.