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App Review Headspin: Storybook

Price: UK 59p UK / US $0.99
Platform: iPhone, iPad
Buy it from: Itunes

If you appreciate carefully crafted games with beautiful graphics, slick animations, mellow sounds that are nevertheless frustratingly addictive, you’ll love Headspin: Storybook. My first outing with Headspin was up there with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope for excitement.

Headspin’s creators at Brandwidth call it a game of skill and visual awareness against the clock. The idea behind the game is pretty simple – players have to match two sides of a storybook. Touch the pop-up graphics on the right to flip them around and identically match those on the left.

Sounds simple, right? It gets pretty tough as you race against the clock. You get no more than 20 seconds to get the match correct before the game starts stealing back your hard-earned points.

Along the way, the game even tells you a story chapter by chapter - but to be honest, I was too caught up in the game to pay much attention to that. Even on an iPad screen, the text seems a bit too small and too lengthy – plus, all I really wanted to do was play the damn game and crack another level.

The game isn’t perfect, but the release I tested - version 1.1- has only been in the app store for a few weeks. I’m hoping the publishers will update it with a few more tweaks (maybe the ones I’ve already suggested to Brandwidth’s Creative Director, @activerightbrain…)

Headspin: Storybook is definitely addictive, and looks great on both iPhone and iPad. You can download it here.

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