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Apple iPhone Alarm Bug Hits Europe

A bug in the Apple iPhone 4's alarm clock has made thousands of people across Europe late for work after their phone alarms failed to register the clocks going back.

When the iPhone clock was updated from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time over the weekend, a bug in the phone's software prevented the alarm clock from being updated as well, causing it to go off one hour later than the assigned time.

Scores of angry, oversleeping iPhone users took to Twitter to tell the world of their plight.

One iPhone user, Simon Moores tweeted: “iPhone alarm bug strikes! I thought it was just me but apparently the bug that caused my iPhone alarm to wake me an hour late hit everyone!”

The problem first originated in Australia, when users reported that their iPhone alarms went off an hour earlier after the daylight saving time mode was activated. Following that Apple acknowledged there was an issue with the alarm and promised to release a patch as soon as possible.