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Apple Patches iPhoto 11 Data Loss Bug

Apple has released an early software update for its iPhoto 2011 photo editing tool.

The update is designed to fix a data loss issue with the software.

The update, which upgrades the iPhoto application to version 9.0.1, plugs a hole in the software which resulted in data loss when users are upgrading their photo libraries.

Apple has warned that if the software quits while users are upgrading their photo library, they are advised to install the version 9.0.1 update first before attempting to upgrade their library again and not to force quit the application as it could lead to data loss.

The software update will start once the users re-start the application. If not, then users can manually start the update from the 'Software Update' section in the Apple menu.

The company said: “Customers are advised to let the process continue until the upgrade progress bar is displayed. For very large libraries, iPhoto '11 may appear to be inactive for several minutes before the progress bar is displayed — do not force quit the application during this period.”

iPhoto 2011 comes with iLife'11 software suite.