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Asda Pitches £97 Elonex Tablet Against Samsung Galaxy Tab

Supermarket Asda has joined the tablet bandwagon with the Elonex eTouch ET700, on the day the Samsung Galaxy Tab device is officially launched nationwide.

Although both have a 7-inch touchscreen and are powered by Google's Android platform, they do target two very different audiences. The ET700 costs only £97 at Asda Direct, far less than the £530 the Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently commanding.

Then the screen on the Elonex eTouch is a resistive model, one which needs a stylus to work properly and doesn't support multi touch. As for the Android OS, the Galaxy Tab comes with Froyo (v2.2) whereas the Elonex one comes with Donut (v1.6).

Furthermore, the latter sports a LNX Code 9 ARM-based processor (unknown characteristics and unknown speed) with 128MB RAM, 800x480 pixel resolution, 2GB internal storage, micro SD slot, an audio port, speakers, Wi-Fi and weight of 350g but no USB ports.

Asda's description however appeares to be referring to the bigger, 10-inch eTouch 1000ET which comes with a faster processor, more memory and Android OS 2.1. which could potentially lead to some very embarrassing conversations between clients and the Asda customer service.