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BT Restores Broadband Access To Thousands Of Households

BT has confirmed that it has restored broadband access to tens of thousands of customers who had lost internet access for most of the weekend.

The issue was caused by a technical fault on Friday evening and affected BT broadband customers living in Northern Ireland, the North of England and part of Scotland.

Phone services were available during the downtime and also affected other ISPs who used BT's old 20CN infrastructure that runs at 8Mbps.

A BT Spokesperson confirmed that "BT's engineering teams worked throughout the night to resolve outstanding customer issues and to monitor the performance of the network" but failed to say what caused the disruption.

The company advises users who haven't been able to get online to switch off their broadband device for 10 minutes before switching it on again. Should this fail, they should contact their ISP to report a technical fault.

As always, it is always advisable to have a backup broadband connection like a dongle which can be had for under £10 from Ebay with a PAYG SIM.