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Facebook Holding Mobile Event On 3 November

Facebook has sent out invitations for a mobile-themed event at its Palo Alto premises later this week.

According to the invitation, registration begins at 10:00 AM on 3 November with the event set to start at 10:30 AM.

The social networking giant has so far refused to disclose any solid details about the press event, only having labelled it as a mobile event.

Rumours surrounding the event are already circulation across the internet, with some claiming that the company will be using it to launch the Facebook Phone. Some of the more believable possibilities are that the company will be updating its mobile website to give more emphasis on Facebook Places, a location tagging feature recently launched by the company. reports that the company is planning to launch a social rewards platform similar to the one offered by Foursquare. If true, users will be able to receive discounts and freebies if they tag a specific number of friends who have checked-in to the brick and mortar stores of certain companies.