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HyperMac becomes HyperJuice

Beleaguered accessory manufacturer HyperMac has announced a blow in its negotiations with Apple - it's losing its name, re-branding itself as HyperJuice to salve the Cupertino company's lust for a lawsuit.

HyperMac, which produces third-party power accessories including in-car chargers and external battery packs for Apple devices including MacBooks and the iPad, had previously brought itself to Apple's attention by offering products with the company's patented MagSafe power connector without paying a licensing fee.

HyperMac, it turned out, was buying broken and outdated official Apple power supplies and stripping off the patented MagSafe adapters, before fitting them to their own unlicensed products - a move that the company believed placed it outside Apple's legal reach.

Sadly, the lawyers at Apple had a different interpretation - and threatened to sue HyperMac if it didn't stop making its MagSafe-compatible accessories, something it has now pledged to do.

The legal wrangling doesn't end there, however. HyperMac has confirmed today that Apple is unhappy about the use of the word 'Mac' in the company's name, insisting that it ditches the moniker before any further licensing talks can continue.

HyperMac, faced with the legal equivalent of a 500lb gorilla, has acquiesced, announcing that it will be changing its name over the coming weeks to the hopefully-less-vexing HyperJuice.

With the company forced to change its name, at not-inconsiderable cost, and unable to sell its charging accessories for any MagSafe-equipped Apple product, HyperJuice could struggle to survive the coming months - even if it can convince Apple it means no harm.