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ICO Not Mulling Plan To Act Against Google In Street View Snafu

The ICO, the UK organisation in charge of monitoring data and communications, has issued a statement saying that it will not yield to calls to sanction Google after the company inadvertently downloaded login details, URLs and emails from unprotected wireless networks.

Google admitted back in May 2010 that it had collected data as its fleet of so-called Street View cars methodically criss-crossed 30 countries and sucked more than 600GB worth of information, over a period of several years.

In the statement (PDF here, please rename file before viewing), the regulartor said that it must take "a calm and measured approach to the issue of data privacy" and make sure that it does "not get caught up in the emotive arguments which will only naturally take place around sensitive issues such as the inadvertent collection of data by Google Street View".

The ICO noted that regulators in other countries had yet to take "direct enforcement action" at this stage even if they have been investigating Google Street View activities.

Last week, we reported that the Federal Trade Commission had ended its inquiry into Google's admission that it collected data.