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Intel, Toshiba And Samsung Form Chip Circuitry Alliance

Intel, Toshiba and Samsung have decided to form a consortium aimed at making 10nm chip circuitry by 2016.

According to Reuters, a Japanese newspaper Nikkei has cited an anonymous source confirming that the companies will form an alliance to create 10nm chip circuitry. The chip circuitry is set to be used in chipsets for semiconductors.

Samsung and Toshiba are the world's top two manufacturers of NAND flash memory, while Intel is the world's largest chip maker.

The Reuters report also said that Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will be providing around 5 billion yen ($61.21 million) of the 10 billion yen initial investment. The rest of the investments will be granted by the partner firms.

Samsung and Toshiba will be using the technology developed by the consortium to make 10nm NAND flash chips while Intel will use it to make faster microprocessors.

One nano meter (nm) is a hair's width divided by 100,000.