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Internet Troll Jailed For 18 Weeks

A man accused of posting derogatory comments on memorial pages for dead people on Facebook has been jailed for 18 weeks by a Manchester court.

Colm Coss posted derogatory remarks on a memorial site to the late Big Brother contestant Jade Goody and on the tribute pages of John Paul Massey, who died after being attacked by a dog. In some of his comments Coss claimed to have had sex with the deceased.

Coss was caught after he sent photographs of himself claiming to be an 'internet troll' to neighbours, who then handed him over to the police.

An internet troll is the name given to a type of person who creates fake profiles on social networks and forums, and posts provocative messages in order to provoke a reaction from people.

The court found that Massey derived pleasure from hurting the families and friends of the dead through his remarks.

“We know you derive pleasure from what you have done and you show no regret for preying on families still reeling from the loss of a child or a close one. You preyed on bereaved families who were suffering trauma and anxiety. We know you gained pleasure and you aren't sorry for what you did,” said Chairwoman of the bench Pauline Salisbury before handing him out his sentence.