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iPhone users hit by alarm bug

People across Europe who rely on their iPhone alarm to wake them up of a morning are likely to be in a fairly bad mood today, as a bug in the software means that they all woke up an hour late.

It seems that Apple's managed to miss a fairly serious flaw with its implementation of Daylight Savings Time, which meant that although the clock on iPhones and iPod Touch devices automatically went back last night as we enter the winter months, recurring alarms didn't - leaving users waking up an hour later than expected.

Twitter is a-buzz with angry, upset, and late people who rely on the iPhone as their daily alarm clock, who have woken up an hour late for work through no fault of their own.

Embarrassingly for Apple, it turns out that it already knew of the flaw. A report on ZDNet Australia claims that the company was alerted to the problem over three weeks ago, when Australia moved its collective clocks and encountered the same issue, albeit in reverse with owners waking up an hour early.

At the time, Apple claimed that a software patch was in the works to resolve the issue, but sadly didn't think that publicising the flaw ahead of Europe's transition into winter was worth the effort.

Until Apple makes good on its promise of a software fix, the workaround for the flaw is to delete and re-create any recurring alarms you have set, at which point they will pick up the new time zone information - at least, until next year when the clocks move again.