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Logitech Debuts Solar-powered Keyboard

Peripheral manufacturer Logitech has released a wireless keyboard, the K750, that is powered only through solar energy.

The K750 has two solar panels that are strategically placed near the top of the keyboard and Logitech claims that the keyboard can work in total darkness for up to three months without recharging.

Such a feat means that users will be able to get rid of batteries altogether and the fact that it is free of FVC and comes with a recyclable packaging adds to its eco-friendly credentials.

The keyboard is a chiclet-type model with a full array of function keys and a thin 7.5mm profile. There's also a nifty solar power app that comes with a Lux meter and tells the user whether the k750 is getting the necessary light conditions.

Logitech has released a Windows version for now with a Mac model possibly coming out next year. The device will ship in North America over the next few weeks and in other parts of the world in December.

With a suggested retail price of $80, the keyboard is rather expensive but packs some pretty clever technology. It is unlikely though that the K750 will have a mouse equivalent because of the smaller surface area available for any solar panel; maybe they should have a gyroscope model or one powered by human heat.